Q  What makes you different from other lead companies?

A  We get more leads than most other companies (we get in numerous lead companies leads) which is the primary reason companies come to us and stay with us long term.  Any time a client has left to go to other sources they always found out that they were paying more money and getting less volume of the same leads they were getting from us.  We save you time and money.  We are always available, we always get back to our clients immediately, we don't disappear for days or weeks like many companies in this industry.  We've been in this business since 1997, we know how to use barter in combination with buying in large volumes which gives us the edge over our competitors.


Q  How fresh are your feeds, how are they generated?

A  We get in fresh realtime and batched leads that are either realtime or 24 hours in age. Some feeds are a few days to a few weeks old, we get in numerous feeds so it varies.  The leads are generated by numerous sources such as lead companies, individual lead aggregators, networks, etc.  We get in more leads than anyone else because we buy in large volumes and barter.  We charge a set monthly fee to access one or all of the verticals which makes us a one stop solution that saves you money.


Q  What format are the leads?

A  CSV, TXT, or in some cases realtime api post. (Batched leads are usually zipped in RAR or ZIP but not always)


Q  How do I get my leads?

A  You will be given access to our server via a download link that you save to your favorites. You will be able to click on this link to download the new leads daily/weekly/monthly at your convenience.  FTP access is available if needed and realtime leads can be posted if needed.


Q  Is your company can spam compliant?

A Our numerous sources that generate the leads are can-spam compliant and have promised us that the privacy polices allow 3rd parties to market to the leads.  If for any reason we find that a provider is not can-spam compliant, we will not continue our relationship with them. We normally request that the leads have website source, time/date, and IP to validate them, however, if the leads were generated via telemarketing, direct mail, etc then those fields aren't usually included.


Q  What's your return policy?

A Because you are paying a set monthly fee which is saving you thousands of dollars monthly, there is no need for returns.  If you calculate your cost per lead, there is nobody that can compete with what we offer.  We therefore do not offer returns.


Q  What are your accepted payment methods?

A We accept wire transfers, direct deposits and PayPal (normally paypal subscriptions) depending on the type of lead feed you subscribe to. Your account will be billed every month on the same day that you sign up for the data feed subscription. All billing is done by Deal Direct LLC.  Our subscriptions are month to month.


Q  How do I subscribe to your feeds?

A  Email or call us to let us know which verticals you want and then we will invoice you for the first month, once payment is received we will give you access to the server immediately.  After the first month, you will continue to be billed unless you tell us otherwise. 


Q  What is the cost for your leads?

A  Our subscriptions range anywhere from a few hundred per month to $5k+ per month depending on how many verticals you need, how many users will have access to the leads, etc. 



If you're interested in our other services or our reseller program, please email or call us direct.

If we haven’t addressed your question please contact us ASAP and we will get it answered for you right away.






*Please note that you are responsible for DNC filtering, data cleaning, being can-spam compliant and following all laws for each channel you market to. We are not responsible for any filtering or any liabilities that would result from your marketing. We only provide data & discounts. You agree upon subscription or purchase not to hold us liable for any issues that may arise from your marketing to or using the data. Volumes can go up and down with the feeds dependant on the volume our networks can product, you are paying for access to all of the leads we get in or all of the leads in the particular feed you subscribe to.*