Merchant Accounts:   We are the go to resource for high risk merchant accounts because we can A) get you approved and B) provide excellent customer service and C) offer incredible incentives and profit sharing programs.  We accept MLM's, Travel, Internet Businesses, collection companies, ALL high risk except for porn and gambling and anything shady.  Click Here to download a complete list of most of the high risk merchant accounts we can do.  We have several incentives you can offer that nobody else offers such as a $100 gift card, a free mobile billing and marketing app, data, video production, web design, programming, and a host of other products and services.  We are the only company in the industry that is willing to offer all of these tools for business growth if you process through us.  We are also looking for agents to help us.  Please contact us to switch to us or become an agent.


Merchant Cash Advances:  Get a merchant cash advance of up to $1 million right away to help support or grow your business!  Times are tough and banks aren't lending to businesses like they used to.  Please download our pdf flyer by clicking here to see how it works.  You can download our application by clicking here if you'd like to move forward ASAP.   You can download both the flyer and agreements zipped by clicking here


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